• We make the brand appear as
    it should be to reflect its origin.
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    Our uniqueness is mirrored through
    our innovative products choices
    and chosen distribution channels.
  • We aim and deliver.
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    Freshly baked Macarons,
    Cakes and Pies that
    will surely satisfy
    your sugar cravings.
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    Gourmet confectionary
    boutique style store
    in Egypt.

Our Mission

Assist our customers experience better taste by introducing undiscovered products to the Egyptian market & raising the bar of competition in the retail industry. We fully depend on our team, employees, and hereafter our partners to create sustainable projects solving existing businesses battles. Our B2B business model positions us in a competitive platform in which we seize the opportunity to use our unique selling points for creating the market we plan to conquer in fair and ethical manners.”

Our Vision

Be the number one retail store in Egypt by selling the highest quality products from all over the world to Egypt through our branding strategies and Product display techniques that will increase our customers’ education and complement their experience. Our values are reflected on the closely selected items we acquire. Our work is inspired from various experiences, numerous cultures, multiple tastes and definitely our valuable pooled customers.

Our Objectives

Embracing the strategy of investing new ideas and not solely implementing them by procuring products and precisely distributing them at the suitable channels but also ensuring that product presentation and the trip to the destination perfectly fits the environment for the final purchase action. Sourcing solutions and results to what consumer really search inside the stores and on the shelves.

Our Speciality

Fields of our Experience

Bow and Ark is specialized in introducing new retail products to the Egyptian market, Providing new experiences in the concept of food retailing and most importantly hosting excellence along the competition.

Bow and Ark has successfully built a strong team who is constantly attaining feedback from the market and smoothly adapting to the current occurring market changes. We are currently operating in Egypt and Kuwait through our offices in Cairo and seeking to gradually develop our network in the region.

  • Food Retailing
  • Brand management

Going the Extra Mile

Bow and Ark’s strategy is to always take the rapid and corrective actions for what is crucial to our clients and ensuring that we reach their goals and exceeds the expectations. Our benefits come from the full satisfaction of our clients and hence invest greatly in going the extra mile to deliver as Aimed.

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